Terms & Culture

Terms & Culture

I was going to copy and paste some generic Terms & Conditions here but realised that's just not me or what I wanted for my online tea shop. I scribbled down some notes and what I ended writing however seemed more like Terms & Culture rather than Terms & Conditions and so that's what I've called it.

My ideology is a simple one: seek out and supply the best tasting, freshest loose leaf tea and sell these in my online tea shop at a fair and affordable price. I've been sourcing loose leaf teas now for over a decade and think I've become quite good at seeking out tea gems.

With driftwood I've tried to establish what I always considered would be my own perfect online tea shop. There are many very good online tea shops - but no one did everything I wanted - so basically I've stolen all their best bits, added a few of my own, and come up with driftwood tea. I really hope that this appeals to you too.

I want you to be happy - I'm fairly happy most of the time and feel privileged getting to work with tea each day - so, if you have any problems at all with my teas, or the service my company provide, please just me know; we will do our utmost to rectify any problems which may occur and most of the time I will be able to respond to you directly.

On a slightly more serious note I do however want to reassure you that any personal information we collect from you when you buy tea will only be used by us while we process your order. We will not retain your personal contact details to sell these on to any third parties. We hate junk mail and suspect you do too.

We aim to send your tea out within 24 hours of your order being placed and try to constantly ensure that our online tea shop is up-to-date. However, if for some reason you place an order and it turns out that we are out of stock of some of your items, we will contact you as soon as possible. We will give you the option to receive a full or partial refund, and partial shipment of your order.

There are probably many other things we should cover here which we haven't. We realise our T & Cs don't extend much beyond the 'we are fair, honest and try our hardest' but this is what we're trying to be. If you feel strongly about such matters, please contact us with suggestions, we're more than happy to consider updating this, or any section of our online tea shop, that may require changing.