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Free Tea February

At driftwood we try to do things a little differently; like choosing to run our January Sale in February.

Rarely in the past have we ever found ourselves with an abundance of excess cash in January to take full advantage of all the great sale prices companies offered - and we suspected we probably weren’t alone in this - so this year we’d like to introduce you to our massive non-January, January Sale - Free Tea February!

Throughout the month of February we're offering you up to 50% extra free when you buy one of 18 of our fresh loose leaf teas.

Buy a 25g or 50g bag and receive 25% extra free. Buy a 100g or 150g bag and receive 33% extra free. Or when you buy a 250g or 500g bag you'll receive 50% more tea completely free of charge.

The loose leaf teas on offer in Free Tea February include some of our most popular and well received, including: Pre Rain Huang Shan Mao Feng from China; Dong Ding Oolong from Taiwan; Organic Ruby Oolong (GABA tea) from Thailand; as well as Doke's Organic Silver Needle White Tea (Second Flush) from India.

All of the above teas, and many others, come from the spring and summer 2012 harvest so remain incredibly fresh. (Additionally during 2012 we invested in a special vacuum storage system - sorry tea caddies, you just no longer cut it - which along with our new foil packaging has made a huge difference to the freshness of our products.)

2012, our first full year of trading, was a great year for driftwood and we hope 2013 is going to be even better. Our next big event will probably be the launch of our new website that we hope will simplify and improve the process of purchasing teas from us, especially for our international and wholesale customers.

As we're now slightly more established as a company, and no longer basically making everything up as we go along, there may even be slightly more frequently written blog posts from me which, I can only imagine will be met with the same degree of anticipation that previously only a new Harry Potter book received!


  • Jamie Ewan Henderson
  • Free Tea FebruarySaleTeas

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