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"We don't charge more for less"

When setting up driftwood tea our goal was simple: establish an online tea shop that featured everything we'd always hoped for when we were buying tea online ourselves; such a shop would sell fantastic tasting, fresh loose leaf teas, that were sold at a fair and affordable price.

driftwood's steady growth through word of mouth feedback, and positive reviews, suggest this is hopefully something we're managing to achieve.

At the time we started the near universal bag size loose leaf tea came in was 50g. We'd always considered this slightly too much - especially when wishing to try an unknown tea. In the past we'd found ourselves having to choose between paying more for a larger quantity - and running the risk that we may not like it - or having to pay (an often exorbitant) premium for a sample sized bag. It was at this point we decided to introduce 25g bags as our standard size which has proven to be extremely popular (and now frequently replicated).

Over the past couple of months we have begun giving our regular customers, and now all customers, a 5g sample bag from our range of teas with all online orders. Perhaps unsurprisingly this has proven to be extremely popular. Samples have been a great way to introduce people to teas they may otherwise not have tried. (Our exclusive and unique Sticky Rice Oolong has quickly become one of our best selling teas, and purchased by many customers whom otherwise tended to avoid scented or flavoured teas, having experienced it first as a sample.)

Since we started including samples we have received numerous requests to be able to buy more of these smaller quantities. As a small company we're able to listen to all your feedback and so I am delighted to announce that 5g quantities can now be purchased of every tea that we currently stock.

However, wishing to remain true to our initial promise of not 'charging a huge amount more simply for sending less, in less packaging' our 5g bags of tea costs the same, per gram, as one of our 25g bags.

We know we're not reinventing the wheel here yet, it was always these little things that we wished for ourselves that we hope makes buying tea online from driftwood just that little bit better. And we're always delighted to listen to any other feedback or suggestions you may have that could improve our service even further!


  • Jamie Ewan Henderson
  • Miscellaneous

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