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A driftwood tea Update - Samples & New Website

Having listened to your feedback, over the forthcoming months we are beginning to introduce a lot of changes to driftwood tea. This will be happening while we work towards the launch of our exciting new website - coming early next year - which will provide you with clearer information on all 30 teas we currently stock, while also making ordering tea easier and faster - especially for our international customers.

However, begin today we are excited to announce the introduction of The Connoisseur’s Sample Box.

Featuring the same six teas that are included in with our popular Connoisseur’s Gift Box, The Connoisseur’s Sample Box contains six, 5g bags of what we consider to be some of the world's finest spring and summer 2012 harvest teas. The Connoisseur’s Sample Box cost only £5.95.

Your comments have let us know that you love when we include free samples with your orders - which we'll always continue to do - however, many of you also wanted the option to buy additional samples for yourself or to give to others.

Over the next week or so we will be adding the option to buy samples directly from our website and, as this was always something that frustrated us in the past, we won't charge a huge premium for buying sample sized bags of tea - five, 5g samples will cost around the same price as were you to buy a single 25g bag of tea from us. (We never understood why it others felt it necessary to charge so much more for sending less tea, in less packaging?!)

driftwood as a company has grown faster over the past year than we had ever hoped was possible. Occasionally this has meant we've gotten things wrong, or had to make sudden (or sometimes overdue) changes, but fundamentally we think we've managed to achieve what we've set out to do: sourcing and supplying the best tasting fresh loose leaf tea - and this will always remain what we’re committed to doing - no mater how fancy our new website!


  • Jamie Ewan Henderson
  • Miscellaneous

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