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Bagging The Changes At driftwood tea

When we initially established our online tea shop in the summer of 2011 - and only had a small selection of products - our teas were packed for us in China and Taiwan using simple but highly protective, non-resealable, silver foil bags. As the range we began to stock grew, logistically having our tea packed for us no longer made sense and so we began packing all of our teas in-house, here in Edinburgh.

While our customers have consistently praised the quality and freshness of our tea, your feedback has also made it clear that providing a resealable bag was highly desirable.

Realising how important this was, over the past couple of months we have trialled several bagging alternatives and now, following your feedback, have selected a new heavy duty, resealable, black foil pouch. Our new bag is fantastically airtight, as well as providing great protection from the light. (We would still recommend storing your tea in a cool, dark place though!)

Beginning today, all of our teas will now come packed in our new resealable foil bag. We will also be retaining our starting bag size of 25g as opposed to the more widely used 50g quantity.

In the past our orders were sent in multiples of 25g: 100g of a tea was sent as four 25g bags. This made sense when the bags weren't resealable, and were being packed for us abroad however, our new packaging is super protective, and widely used within the industry, so now 100g of tea will be sent in a single 100g bag.

From the feedback we've received from our initial trial the new packaging we’ve decided to go back has received universal praise. However, if you feel strongly that we should retain our multiples of 25g bags, please feel free to contact us; we’re always prepared to listen and make changes where our customers deem it important.


  • Jamie Ewan Henderson
  • Miscellaneoustea bags

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