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My Favourite Tea Things - My Homemade Iced Tea Maker

This is the first of a series of probably quite random, and definitely not regular, blog post on some of my favourite tea things - of which there are lots!

Over the past couple of years I've begun drinking a lot of homemade iced tea. I find cold brewing not only creates a fantastic drink, the liquor produced contains a lot of subtle nuances you perhaps don't always recognise or discover when you brew use hot water.

As I've written before, cold brewing is without a doubt the simplest method for infusing tea. All that is required is: loose leaf tea; water; and a vessel in which you can combine the two.

When I make larger quantities I use the beautiful Menu Water Carafe - actually this could easily be another one of my favourite things - however, most evenings I simply fill my Aladdin Aveo Travel Press with: 3g of loose leaf tea; a couple of ice cubes; and top this up with water. I place this into the fridge overnight and the following day you can awaken to beautifully sweet, fruity and calorie free homemade iced tea. This is always immensely better than anything I've ever bought or been served in any store.

Personally I've never found most modern Thermos flasks to be particularly effective for holding hot tea. The larger glass lined ones are fine however, the smaller travel sized ones (and increasingly the larger sized flasks too) tend to be 100% metal; I've always found these to impart too much of a metallic tang to the liquid they're holding. Fortunately I've never noticed this happening when cold brewing and therefore find the Aladdin Aveo to be perfect for making homemade iced tea in. If you're in a rush to get out of the house you can simply grab this from the fridge, throw it into a bag, and drink at your leisure throughout the day.

The flask itself is remarkably well insulated keeping your drink cold, even after being opened and drunk from, for around 4-6 hours. The plastic filter at the top is also hugely effective at keeping the large leaf tea in the flask so you don't end up with a mouthful of loose leaf! It also comes with a plunger adapter, specifically for coffee however, I've used this when I've wanted to try cold brewing smaller leaf Darjeeling or other CTC teas.

An impulse purchase my Aladdin Aveo is used now almost every day and I've found this to be a great replacement for soft drinks when out and about!


  • Jamie Ewan Henderson
  • Brewing TeaIced TeaLoose Leaf TeasMiscellaneous

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