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One Year Of driftwood tea

I guess you could say today is our first birthday! It was one year ago today, on the 13th June 2011, that I came up with the name driftwood tea and decide to pursue full time a career that encapsulated my love of the loose leaf. Despite many difficulties, and on occasions some stress, it has never been a decision that I've regretted - much! (I suppose having a lot of tea on hand has probably helped during the more demanding periods!)

Truthfully I chose the name driftwood simply because it sounded nice. It's certainly nicer than the James Robe Tea Company and some of the other names I had been considering. I also liked how driftwood looked on paper. It was only retrospectively that others have suggested the name seemed to fit me quite perfectly.

Driftwood is naturally worn. Each piece is unique with its beauty developing throughout its uncontrolled journey. On my own journey I have been: the Dutch Ambassador's Personal Chef; I signed the band Snow Patrol; had Pippa Middleton act as my intern for the day (sadly not at driftwood) - as well as many other highs and lows.

Over the last decade tea has played a constant role in my life and it seems right that the culmination of this journey has been the creation of driftwood tea.

Our online tea shop didn't launch until September, and perhaps only properly in October, but since then, in this short period of time, we have sold tea to over 20 countries around the world, and over half the States in America. We've also delivered as far as Australia and have even been bought by the Chinese in China!

I've seen many tea companies come and go over the years. A lot more seem to be entering the market just now and most are better funded, and make far more noise, than driftwood ever will.

That's just not us.

We focus on one thing - and doing that one thing extremely well - sourcing the best tasting, fresh loose leaf tea. We're happy to let the taste of our our teas talk for us cause we know, if you like what you're drinking, the chances are you'll probably recommend or serve us to your friends; this is far more powerful advertising than anything we could create ourselves.

Thank you to everyone who has been a customer or supported driftwood over the past year. We have exciting plans, and new products set to come out over the next several months yet I promise, we'll never loose sight of what it is driftwood set out to achieve -

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  • Jamie Ewan Henderson
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