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A Power Cut And The Cast Iron Teapot



A power cut this afternoon at driftwood tea left us without computers, wifi, and - gasp - no kettle! We'd also consumed all the overnight, cold infused, Dong Ding iced tea that we'd made - to enjoy later in the afternoon, yet had drunk before lunch - simply because it was delicious and we were hot!

With only a vague promise from the electricity company that we ‘may have power back before 6,’ we decamped to the Leaf and Bean, a great little cafe down the road from here.

Walking home past a charity shop I noticed in their window, taking pride of place, a brand new modern replica Japanese Tetsubin; a cast iron pot that can either be used as a kettle or, if properly warmed, a heavy duty teapot. Since my last Tetsubin cracked this was something I had been meaning to replace, yet had never gotten round to. It seemed fate that on the day we were left electric-kettleless that, this timeless item should appear in my path. Of course I had to buy it!

Returning to driftwood our power had been restored. The kettle once again working - and almost immediately on - I’ve not yet tried the Tetsubin however now know, in the face of any future powercuts, driftwood tea has future proofed its hot water needs with this very traditional item!


  • Jamie Ewan Henderson
  • MiscellaneousTaiwanese TeateapotTeaware

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