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A First Flush Of White Tea

It’s always with a certain degree of trepidation that I try teas that are perhaps more traditionally from another region or country however, over the past couple of years certainly, the range of white tea coming out of India has been particularly notable.

Around this time of year I will taste more teas than at any other point and, while the romantic notion would have me travelling around seeking out individual farms the reality for myself, and most other small-medium tea retailers is that many of these teas will be sent to me directly from farmers, friends, past colleagues and other tea aficionados I’ve met over the past decade or so.

Romantic ideals aside, I am confident that each of the teas driftwood stocks are among the highest quality and best tasting examples of that particular tea available. If I can’t source a tea that doesn’t taste fantastic, we won’t simply stock one to plug a gap.

I’ve heard a lot about the Organic Silver Needle White Tea from the Doke Estate in Bihar and so it was among the first I tried from a new batch of samples that arrived from India today.

This tea had a lot to live up to. Our Silver Needle White Tea is our biggest selling and so far we have chosen only to focus only on Chinese and Taiwanese teas. I was thankfully not to be disappointed.

Doke Organic Silver Needle White Tea

The silver needles are shorter and finer than Chinese examples but these buds have clearly been expertly hand harvested and retain a uniform size. The aroma of fresh white tea is simply etherial and this did not disapoint. Once brewed these leaves produced a fresh and soft, fruity liquor with teasing hints of cream and a lingering aftertaste. This is a very special white tea, of extremely sound quality, and certainly one I would like us to stock in the next couple of weeks.



  • Jamie Ewan Henderson
  • Buying TeasIndian TeaNew Harvest TeaSilver Needle White TeaTeasWhite Tea

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