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      Welcome To driftwood tea™

      I love tea. I love its history, its growth, its production but most importantly I love its taste. Tea is ultimately something you drink so for me flavour has always been what I've chosen to focus upon.

      Every single tea I have sourced and selected for driftwood I have done so because I believe it tastes great and is among the highest quality examples currently available of that tea.

      When selecting fresh loose leaf teas I follow a simple but passionate ideology - focus on the flavour and freshness over specific grades of loose leaf, wonderfully exotic names or amazingly obscure sources (I do not believe monkeys were ever trained to pick teas from cliffs and it certainly doesn't happen these days)!

      I am confident that my 'flavour and freshness first' approach can be tasted and appreciated in each and every whole leaf tea that is found in my online tea shop.

      Jamie Ewan Henderson
      Owner of driftwood tea™

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